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4a manufacturing

The 4a manufacturing GmbH is a company specialized in the production of thin sandwich composites (0.5 - 3 mm of total thickness) for light-weight applications. The company relies on its wide range of experience in combining the use of metals, plastic and fibre-reinforced polymers to produce the best material for all customer requirements.

Technologies and competences

The company's core competence is the ability to process commercial available foam blocks in a high efficient way, to produce thin foam sheets very cost-efficiently. Combining these foils with the appropriate skin materials, it is possible to create sandwich materials with different properties like high stiffness/weight, high temperature resistance, formability, high damping and FST compliance.

Fields of Activity Research Development Production
Aircraft (complete)      
Aircraft structures and parts      
Cabin interiors and furnishing (incl. cargo hold)      
Materials and manufacturing technologies  
Cockpit equipment and aircraft electronics      
Air traffic infrastructure and air traffic control applications      
Ground test and training equipment      
Airport infrastructure      

Products and services in aviation

  • CIMERA: 0.5 - 3 mm thin sandwich materials with metal or fiber skins
  • MILLIFOAM: 0.5 - 3 mm thin foam sheets from PMI, PESU, PPSU, etc.

4a manufacturing GmbH

Industriepark 1
8772 Traboch, Austria
+43 664 80106705


Domenico Foglia

Economic data

Employees 10 - 50
Turnover 5 - 10 M€
Export quota aviation 0 %
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Last update: 2017-03-21