Austrian Competences in Aeronautics Technology


The Austrian Institute for Icing Sciences was founded in the year 2016 with the goal to improve safety in aviation by conducting R&D in the field of aircraft icing and aircraft ice protection systems. Since then, AIIS has established itself as innovative research institution and developed a new approach to aircraft icing tests. The institute is part of national and international research projects.

Technologies and competences

The core competence of AIIS are the documentation, evaluation and validation of icing wind tunnel tests for aircraft, helicopter and UAV for R&D and certificiation purposes. Highly accurate 3D-scanning and 3D-printing technologies and a self-developed software evaluation tool are utilized therefore. Furthermore, AIIS is specialized to simulate the icing tests by means of CFD simulations.

Fields of Activity Research Development Production
Aircraft (complete)      
Aircraft structures and parts      
Cabin interiors and furnishing (incl. cargo hold)      
Materials and manufacturing technologies      
Cockpit equipment and aircraft electronics      
Air traffic infrastructure and air traffic control applications      
Ground test and training equipment
Airport infrastructure      

Products and services in aviation

  • Documentation, evaluation and validation of icing wind tunnel tests
  • Assistance in icing related R&D and certificiation tests
  • Aircraft, helicopter and UAV related CFD simulation

Austrian Institute for Icing Sciences

Rathausplatz 1-4
8580 Köflach, Austria
+43 664 9125800


Reinhard Puffing

Economic data

Employees < 10
Turnover < 1 M€
Export quota aviation 100 %
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Last update: 2019-10-23