Austrian Competences in Aeronautics Technology

HOS-Technik GmbH

HOS-Technik GmbH was established in 1988 as privately owned chemicals factory. We can draw on many years of experience in development of high-performance polymers. Our product spectrum spans a range from maleimides and its derivatives, to thermoset and thermoplastic resins for high-temperature applications, as well as metal-organic catalysts and microbeads on polyurethane and polyacrylate basis.

Technologies and competences

We are specialized in the production of different duroplastic bismaleimide resins for high-temperature applications. Our products are mainly used for the production of prepregs (e.g. for tooling applications), laminates and composites. All our resins are duroplastic, single-component systems which can be cured by application of heat. No additives or catalysts are required for polymerization.

Fields of Activity Research Development Production
Aircraft (complete)      
Aircraft structures and parts      
Cabin interiors and furnishing (incl. cargo hold)      
Materials and manufacturing technologies
Cockpit equipment and aircraft electronics      
Air traffic infrastructure and air traffic control applications      
Ground test and training equipment      
Airport infrastructure      

Products and services in aviation

  • Homide 250/250L: Powdery resin/resin solution
  • Homide 400/400L: Resolidified melt/resin solution
  • Homide 801/801L: Resolidified melt/resin solution
  • Homide 802/802L: Resolidified melt/resin solution

HOS-Technik Vertriebs- und Produktions-GmbH

Obersteigerweg 4
9431 St. Stefan, Austria
+43 4352 52587


DI(FH) Florian Schwarzl

Economic data

Employees 10 - 50
Turnover 1 - 5 M€
Export quota aviation 100 %
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Last update: 2017-01-25