Austrian Competences in Aeronautics Technology

University of Salzburg - Computer Sciences Institute

The Institute of Computer Sciences is recognised as a competence centre for aviation with regard to the development of sophisticated stochastic simulations techniques and for advanced algorithms in digital communications protocol design. This allows the simulation of today‘s and future European and worldwide air traffic and data communications quite accurately. The Institute is involved with all major institutions and industry in the area of aviation.

Technologies and competences

In the area of aviation, the Institute focuses on the development and performance evaluation of future digital aeronautical communication systems (e.g. VDLM2, AeroMACS, L-DACS, SatCom), future air traffic and data simulation, future airport operations, 4D-trajectory concepts, weather impact on ATM/ATC, wind-optimised routes and aircraft noise evaluations.

Fields of Activity Research Development Production
Aircraft (complete)      
Aircraft structures and parts      
Cabin interiors and furnishing (incl. cargo hold)      
Materials and manufacturing technologies      
Cockpit equipment and aircraft electronics yes yes  
Systems yes yes  
Air traffic infrastructure and air traffic control applications yes yes  
Ground test and training equipment yes yes  
Airport infrastructure      

Products and services in aviation

  • future digital aeronautical communication systems including ATN/IPS
  • stochastic simulations and analysis of future air traffic and data traffic
  • optimisation algorithms for airport operations and flight plan routing
  • SESAR/ATM test bed, tower simulator and remote tower control

University of Salzburg - Computer Sciences Institute

Jakob Haringerstrasse 2
5020 Salzburg, Austria
+43 664 8525347


Carl-Herbert Rokitansky

Employees 50 - 250
Turnover not specified
Export quota aviation 0 %
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Last update: 2017-04-26