Austrian Competences in Aeronautics Technology

VENTANA Kapfenberg GmbH (part of the VENTANA-Group)

Ventana Kapfenberg GmbH is a 1948 founded investment casting company in Austria. Today we are operating on a 6.000 sqm factory with approx. 70 employees. Main markets are the aerospace, automotive, medical, industrial machinery, electronics, chemical industry, nuclear reactor applications, paper industry, offshore, military & sporting weapons and rapid prototyping sector.

Technologies and competences

In Kapfenberg, Austria we produce investment castings out of aluminum and steel. We are capable of producing small series & protoypes to your specification! Within our group we can support additionally with: Sand Castings (Aluminium & Magnesium), Machining, Assembling/Repair, Sheet Metal Work.

Fields of Activity Research Development Production
Aircraft (complete)      
Aircraft structures and parts    
Cabin interiors and furnishing (incl. cargo hold)      
Materials and manufacturing technologies    
Cockpit equipment and aircraft electronics    
Air traffic infrastructure and air traffic control applications      
Ground test and training equipment      
Airport infrastructure      

Products and services in aviation

  • investment castings (aluminium, steel)
  • plaster mold castings (aluminium), sand castings (aluminium, magnesium)
  • Assembling/Repair
  • Sheet Metal Work

Aviation standards and certifications

  • EN/AS 9100

VENTANA Kapfenberg GmbH (part of the VENTANA-Group)

Werk-VI-Straße 56
8605 Kapfenberg, Austria
+43 3862 33290-11


Biljana Slavkovski

Economic data

Employees 50 - 250
Turnover 5 - 10 M€
Export quota aviation 45 %
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Last update: 2017-03-13